I might be livin in a city, but I sure got some straw in my shoes. This was my red neck moment!! Haha…  Yes, I grew up on a farm. A small family farm where duties were endless. We had about two dozen chickens, on average 6 pigs and a cow. We also had about a dozen rabbits. It was my responsibility to care for them. Life was different…more adventurous for sure. Death flashed in front of my eyes on many occasions but it’s all good, I’m still here. During my 2012 European excursion, I was home right in time for harvest. As a hobby, my brother still works the land. The experience was quite nostalgic…It reminded me of the good old times. Check out the photos I took while harvesting out grain.

My neighbor’s horses

My neighbor is a horse smith therefore i have seen quite a few of them throughout my childhood. These two belong to him. Mama horse and baby horse. Funny to say, i have never ridden a horse.

Hard at work…

I have ridden this bad boy ever since i was six years old… Since my responsibility was to care for my rabbits, i often had to go ride  the fields and cut clover…

My nephew Kamil

This little fella will undoubtedly put a smile on your face


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