Assumptions…We all make them.

A reunion in Orlando,Florida. We first met in Krakow in the lobby of our hostel.

A few wise words from a fellow traveler and a good friend of mine…

Travelers are a universal / global people… We meet out there, accept each other for who we are, right there… All preconceived notions about people and places dissolve in minutes as you share a beer or meal or simply a chat with them… I would love to go to what I feel are the scariest places in the world, because I now know, I will then leave these places with true good friends there…

As a young man I grew up and was fed the perception that anything Russian was bad… I now have good friends who are Russian… Precious people, that I care about… There is NOTHING like visiting and living amongst people in their country and being open minded to listen to their story… My advice, Skip the organized tours and cruise ships… Live amongst the locals even if only for a few days… They, have changed my life!


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