Tel Aviv and the beautiful Old Jaffa.

Tel Aviv was the first city I visited on my two month journey through Israel and Eastern Europe in the summer of 2012.  Prior to my arrival I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this medium size city which would serve me as the hub while exploring the rest of the country. While doing research weeks prior to my departure, I came across a few reviews quite opposed one another. Some were positively astonished calling Tel Aviv the “the Israeli Miami”, yet others were absolutely disappointed. Such a mixture of reviews only made me more curious what my experience would bring.

After spending a week in Israel, I came to conclude that Tel Aviv while an admirable place to visit did not fully meet my expectations.  I must mention that in no way does Tel Aviv resemble my experience in Israel as a whole considering I find the country and its other cities stunning and ones worth visiting.

Those so anxious to find out why I leave such a gray impression on Tel Aviv must wait as I have a history paper to write for tomorrow. 🙂


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